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Joel Solomon -- January 28 -- Conscious Capitalism

Joel is a Founding Partner of Renewal Funds, Canada's largest mission venture capital firm at over $200m, investing in Organics and EnviroTech. He is a Senior Advisor with RSF Social Finance and Co-Producer of their Integrated Capital Institute, a Founding Member of Social Venture Network, Business for Social Responsibility, Board Chair of Hollyhock and serves on the University of British Columbia Board of Governors. Joel’s book, The Clean Money Revolution, is a call to action to move trillions of dollars from damage to regeneration.


Ben Whitter -- February 4

Ben Whitter, Employee Experience, Rhett Power, Power Lunch Live, LinkedIn Live

Ben is the author of Employee Experience, the #1 new HR book in the USA 

Damon West -- February 4

Damon West, Coffee Bean, Rhett Power, Power Lunch Live, LinkedIn Live

Damon is Co-Author of the Coffee Bean about how he became resilient while in prison

Tracy Timm -- February 5

Rhett Power, Power Lunch Live, LinkedIn Live, Tracy Timm

Tracy is the founder of The Nth Degree Career Academy that helps professionals make change

Melanie Katzman, Ph.D. -- Feb 6

Rhett Power, Power Lunch Live, LinkedIn Live, Melanie Katzman, Ph.D., Connect First

Melanie is a business psychologist, advisor, and best selling author of Connect First 

Deepa Prahaladn -- February 7

Rhett Power, Power Lunch Live, LinkedIn Live, Deepa Prahaladn, MG100

Deepa is an author, speaker and innovation/design strategy consultant 

Tom Schwab -- February 11

Rhett Power, Power Lunch Live, LinkedIn Live, Tom Schwab

Tom is the founder of Interview Valet which helps brands reach their ideal customers 


Steve Anderson -- February 13 -- The Amazon Growth Principles

Steve Anderson on the program to talk about Amazon's fourteen growth principals.   Steve is the author of Wall Street Journal bestseller The Bezos Letters: 14 Principles to Grow Your Business Like Amazon, The Bezos Letters lays out the fourteen growth principles that Amazon uses every day by examining Jeff Bezos' personal letters to shareholders. Jeff Bezos created Amazon, the fastest company to reach $100 billion in sales ever, making him the richest man in the world. 

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Steven Rogelberg -- February 18 -- Organizational Science

Dr. Steven G. Rogelberg holds the title of Chancellor’s Professor at UNC Charlotte. He is a Professor of Organizational Science, Management, and Psychology at well as the Director of Organizational Science. His research has been profiled on NPR, CBC, CBS), Chicago Tribune; LA Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post London Guardian, and National Geographic. Steven is author of the bestselling book The Surprising Science of Meetings.

Ryan Cote -- February 12

Rhett Power, Power Lunch Live, LinkedIn Live, Ryan Cote

Ryan is a Director of Digital & Partner at Ballantine, Direct Mail & Digital Agency

Michael Tate -- February 19

Rhett Power, Power Lunch Live, LinkedIn Live, Design a Life that Works, Michael Tate

Michael is an executive consultant and coach. He is the author of Design a Life that Works

Jim Oliver -- February 20


Founder of CreateTailwind's who focus on building wealth beyond Wall Street

Maria Ross -- February 25

Rhett Power, Power Lunch Live, LinkedIn Live, Maria Ross, The Empathy Edge

Maria is a brand strategist, speaker and author of The Empathy Edge

Rich Allen -- March 4


Rich is an author, strategic facilitator, mentor and advisor and podcast host.

Malorie Nicole -- March 17

Rhett Power, Power Lunch Live, LinkedIn Live, Abundantly Clear Podcast, Malorie Nicole

Malorie is a Success Coach & Mindset Expert. Host of the Abundantly Clear Podcast

Ruth Soukup, New York Times bestselling  Rhett Power, Power Lunch Live, LinkedIn Live Do It Scared

Ruth Soukup -- February 26 -- Create a Life You Love

New York Times bestselling author, speaker, and entrepreneur Ruth Soukup is dedicated to helping people break through fear and overcome the obstacles that stand in their way so that they can create a life they love. Through her top-ranked Do It Scared® podcast and her wildly popular Ruth Soukup Weekly newsletter, which reaches more than a million weekly subscribers, she provides easy-to-follow guidance for following your dreams and reaching your goals. 

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Rhett Named the #1 Thought Leader on Entrepreneurship

Thinkers360 is a network of the world’s foremost thought leaders — including academics, analysts, authors, consultants, influencers and speakers. Additionally, it is the world’s first open platform for thought leaders and influencers to share opportunities, promote and advance their expertise.

Live From Spain -- June 17-20

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Webit Brand Innovation Summit & Startup Academy

In 2020 Webit gathers the world’s global leaders under the theme Preview the Future to fix and co-create the desirable future together. Rhett will be broadcasting live from Webit's Brand Innovation Summit which hosts marketing and advertising industry leaders, global CMOs, CIOs, CDOs from brands, agencies, adtech and marketing automation solution providers, startups, marketers and creative minds. 

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Rhett has been interviewing the biggest names in business for years as a columnist for Inc. Magazine and Forbes. Bring Rhett and his live show to your conference or event to interview speakers and executives to highlight your industry.  

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Past Shows

Jason Harris

CEO of the powerhouse creative agency Mekanism, argues that genuine persuasion in the twenty-first century is about developing character rather than relying on the easy tactics of flattery, manipulation, and short-term gains. It is about engaging rather than insisting; it is about developing empathy and communicating your values. 

Daniel Lubetzky

Founder and CEO of KIND is on a mission to make the world a little kinder one snack and act at a time. Maker of delicious and nutritious foods, KIND created a new healthy snacking category with the introduction of its first fruit & nut bars in 2004. KIND is also committed to using its business as a vehicle for social change.